Flight School in Minsk
Light aircraft pilot training

Education level:
at least high school
over 17 yrs old
Health level:
2 and above*
Basic requirements
*by the assessment of the Medical Flight Expert Commission
SkyFly Flight School
General information
Our instructors
You will be taught
by our seasoned pilots
with 30+ years
of flying experience.
The airfield
Flight practice takes place at the airfields
in Sivitsa and Lipki.
The costs
Theoretical course
and flight practice
start from €6000.

(Payment in Belarusian rubles
at the NBRB exchange rate)
PPL license
After successfully passing the practical exam,
you receive a license
that will allow you
to continue training
in higher-class aircrafts.
our aircraft
You'll learn to fly Aeroprakt A-32,
a light two-seater aircraft
It is designed to give you almost panoramic views from the сockpit, and the comfortable interior of the cabin will help you focus on your training and enjoy the flight.

The aircraft is new and undergoes regular maintenance.
Do you want
to become a pilot?
How to become a pilot
We offer a two-stage course
  • Theoretical part
    Classes are held at the Belarusian State Aviation Academy.
    During the course, you will be taught the internal structure of the aircraft, how to navigate the skies, read aviation weather forecasts and communicate with air traffic controllers, as well as study air law, safety and other issues.

    Course duration: 166 hours ≈ 1 month
    Groups 4 to 10 people
    Individual training options available

  • Flight training
    Classes are held at the airfield and in the air. You will study the structure of the aircraft and its systems, practice takeoff and landing, and master piloting techniques.

    Course duration: 63 hours ≈ 1-2 months (weather permitting).
    This includes:
    Ground training - 16 hours
    Cockpit training - 6 hours
    In-flight training - 41 hours

Our prices
from €6000*

A complete pilot training course to receive a state-issued license
(PPL Private Pilot Certificate).

*Payment in Belarusian rubles at the NBRB exchange rate
on the day of signing the agreement.

from 280 BYN

Already completed your training at the flight school,
got your license, ready to conquer the skies,
but you don't have a plane?

As a certified pilot, you can rent a comfortable
ultra-light Aeroprakt A-32 at SkyFly.

Welcome to SkyFly
The ability to pilot a plane takes your experience of the skies to a whole new level. You can immerse yourself in the elements, have them under your control and feel complete freedom.

If you enjoy sightseeing flights in light aircrafts, you should really learn how to fly one. You can rent a plane and fly it anywhere without being tied to predetermined routes or pilot schedules at flying clubs. You will see familiar cities from a different perspective and discover new places. And you can take your friends and family up the skies to share your discoveries with them.
about the project
Find out more about SkyFly
The SkyFly aviation club:
reaching for the skies
Sightseeing flights around Minsk and Belarus

Victor Slobodskoy
our pilot instructor
You can completely trust our pilot in charge.

Professional degree: Higher Aviation Pilot School, Chernigov
Over 2,500 hours of flight practice, piloting several types of military aircrafts.
Trained on civil aviation aircrafts at the Diamond Aviation Training Center (Belarus)
and at the ShweigAir Aviation School (Germany).
Our certificates
We strictly adhere to the law, so all our flights are legal and comply with current legislation. The Certificate of Compliance with Aviation Regulations allows us to provide training, retraining and advanced training for civil aviation flight personnel of the Republic of Belarus.

Contact info
+375 (33) 335-64-90
Mon — Fri: 9:00 — 21:00
Saturday: 10:00 — 21:00
Sunday: 10:00 — 21:00

+375 (25) 786-18-08
+375 (29) 788-06-14
Mon — Fri: 9:00 — 17:00

Sky Nolimit LLC
office block 12, room 9
20-B, Platonova Str.