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Complete PPL pilot training course in Aeroprakt A-32
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June 2024
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3+ months
Training options
What is a private pilot license?
PPL license
PPL (Private Pilot License) is a basic private pilot license that allows you to fly a light aircraft, Aeroprakt A-32 (A-22), in a relatively short time.
Why and how should you become a pilot?
Long dreamed of conquering the sky and experiencing new exciting emotions?
Light aviation is your answer.
The PPL license is your first step into civil aviation.
Planning to radically change your career?
Want to cover long distances faster?
Then travel by plane all over the country and beyond.
Advantages of holding a private pilot license:
  • Non-commercial flights with a passenger
  • Flights within Belarus and beyond
  • Your license is valid abroad

  • Daily training
  • Weekend groups
Training options:
Basic requirements:
  • Secondary education and above
  • Age 17+
  • Health assessment by the flight medical expert commission
  • We also train foreign citizens with sufficient knowledge of the Russian
Our aircrafts
We fly Aeroprakt А-32 and Aeroprakt А-22, the ultra-light two-seater aircrafts
with comfortable interior and panoramic views from the cockpit.
Powerplant: Rotax-912 ULS 100 hp engine.
Ease of operation coupled with the comfort of a car.
At SkyFly Pilot School
you can also rent a plane
to improve
your flying skills.
The course program
Passing the VLEC medical flight expert commission
to obtain admission to enrollment.
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Theory: 166 hrs of course materials that are taught
at the Belarusian State Aviation Academy in Minsk,
Uborevicha Str, 77
Practice: The duration of pilot training at the Sivitsa airfield is 63 hrs. This includes 16 hrs of ground training, 6 hrs of cockpit training and 41 hrs of flight time. At the end of the course, you must pass an exam in piloting and air navigation techniques.
Upon successful completion, you will receive your PPL private pilot license.

Victor Slobodskoy
our pilot instructor
You can completely trust our pilot in charge.

Professional degree: Higher Aviation Pilot School, Chernigov
Over 2,500 hours of flight practice, piloting several types of military aircrafts.
Trained on civil aviation aircrafts at the Diamond Aviation Training Center (Belarus)
and at the ShweigAir Aviation School (Germany).
So, are you ready to learn to fly?
Next enrollment: June 2024
Daily classes
Pre-registration for the course
Payment terms:
Payment for the practical part
can be made in two installments.
The theoretical part is paid separately at the Academy of Aviation.
Special offer
This price includes:
The practical part of the initial training to become a private pilot on the Aeroprakt A-32 (A-22) aircraft.
Places left: 1 out of 5
Not sure whether you want to become a pilot?
Check out our test flight, the Aspiring Ace!
A master class with our instructor will make you feel like a co-pilot. This option includes 30 minutes of detailed explanation of the aircraft design and 30 minutes of flight.
Our certificates
We strictly adhere to the law, so all our flights are legal and comply with current legislation. The Certificate of Compliance with Aviation Regulations allows us to provide training, retraining and advanced training for civil aviation flight personnel of the Republic of Belarus.

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