Sightseeing Flights
in Light Aircraft
in Minsk
Air routes
in Belarus
Departure from Sivitsa airfield
1 000
flight altitude
our aircraf
We fly Aeroprakt A-32,
a light two-seater aircraft
with comfortable interior
and panoramic views
from the cockpit
This aircraft can carry a pilot and one passenger.
The plane is new and undergoes regular maintenance.

We make sure that our guests and clients
always feel comfortable
  • Free parking
  • Outdoor gazebo
  • Cozy waiting room
  • Aircraft hangar
We fly over Dudutki, Mir and Nesvizh,
and the Naroch Lakes.

Departure from airfield Sivitsa, near Borisov.
Sightseeing flights around Minsk
and bird-eye views of famous places
in Belarus.
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Pilot School
You can sign up for training
or rent a plane at our pilot school

from €6000*

A complete pilot training course to receive a state-issued license

(PPL Private Pilot Certificate).

*Payment in Belarusian rubles at the NBRB exchange rate

on the day of signing the agreement.

from 280 BYN

Already completed your training at the flight school,
got your license, and ready to conquer the skies,
but you don't have a plane?

As a certified pilot, you can rent a comfortable

ultra-light Aeroprakt A-32 at SkyFly.

Additional services
Just a couple of extras
that will make your day truly unforgettable!
Transporting guests in a comfortable car to the airfield and back.
(5-7 people)

50 BYN per person
Gourmet meals from the chef
of the Animal Farm to be enjoyed
in the cozy gazebo. Non-alcoholic drinks.

70 BYN per person
A photo session with the aircraft
that will get you tons of likes
on social networks.

100 BYN
How to get there
Take advantage of the suggested routes
and enjoy your trip to the airfield.
about the project
Find out more about SkyFly
The SkyFly aviation club:
reaching for the skies
Sightseeing flights around Minsk and Belarus

Victor Slobodskoy
our pilot instructor
You can completely trust our pilot in charge.

Professional degree: Higher Aviation Pilot School, Chernigov
Over 2,500 hours of flight practice, piloting several types of military aircrafts.
Trained on civil aviation aircrafts at the Diamond Aviation Training Center (Belarus)
and at the ShweigAir Aviation School (Germany).
Our certificates
We strictly adhere to the law, so all our flights are legal and comply with current legislation. The Certificate of Compliance with Aviation Regulations allows us to provide training, retraining and advanced training for civil aviation flight personnel of the Republic of Belarus.
Sightseeing flights with SkyFly in Minsk and Belarus
A flight in our light aircraft gives you an opportunity to see the sky from the cockpit, and not through a small window. You will sit next to the pilot, feel the vibrations in the air and enjoy the many sensations of flying. By its design, the aircraft gives you an almost panoramic view from above, and you also get the wow-factor of being able to feel the controls and interact with the pilot throughout the flight.

This is an awesome experience that will make you fall in love with the sky, and it's now available to anyone, anytime.

Come fly with us, make a present to your loved ones or surprise your colleagues. This flight is an unforgettable memory.

Contact info
+375 (33) 335-64-90

+375 (33) 335-64-90
Mon — Fri: 9:00 — 21:00
Saturday: 10:00 — 21:00
Sunday: 10:00 — 21:00

Sky Nolimit LLC
office block 12, room 9
20-B, Platonova Str.